About - Eric Cirone Photography


I grew up on the north shore of Massachusetts in Peabody. I attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and graduated with a BS in Computer Science. Currently I live in Waltham. I am a self-taught photographer and have learned how to take a great shot through trial and error, and many, MANY photographs. I got my first film camera as a hand me down my freshman year of college. There was just too many memories that I was forgetting, and I needed to start documenting them. Just about this time, digital cameras where starting to become huge and of course, I needed to get one (I am a huge electronics fan). Sophomore year I got my first digital camera. I was in love. A three megapixel shooter with 3x digital zoom and a 128MB SD card and I couldn't ask for more. This camera came along with me everywhere. Not quite a pocket camera, I was traveling abroad to Europe and I needed something a little smaller. I got another three megapixel shooter but this time with a 3x optical zoom. I studied abroad in London and backpacked for three weeks across Europe. I had the time of my life, and I also started to fall in love with photography. How could you not being in Europe for five months and having so many beautiful photographic opportunities handed to me every day. I knew it was time to get a new camera which would allow me the freedom of more control but knew I wasn't quite ready for a DSLR, so I got a Casio Exilim Z750. This camera allowed me to start learning shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field. My little casio came on walks, vacation, and family parties. It took great photos. Also I started learning the art of editing. Levels, curves, color temperature all became household talk. After two years with this camera it was time to step it up. Hello DSLR. My first one was a Nikon D40. I couldn't spend much and from all the reviews, this was the entry level DSLR to get. Those reviews were right. This camera took AMAZING photos, and still does. It was soon after I made this purchase that I started to become my friends and my family's personal photographer and I loved it. I just loved taking photos with my D40. I started utilizing Adobe Lightroom and more professional editing. My D40 really propelled me into a love affair with photography. Well here I am now. I've moved up to a Nikon D7000 and continue to take photos daily, whether it's with my D7000 or with my iPhone. It's tough to find me in any photos, since i'm usually the one taking them. Either way, I love photography and I really hope that you can take a look around my portfolio and enjoy some of my favorites over the years.