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My Koken Theme - A Modified Regale

First off, Koken gives you some great themes that are free. The theme I decided to use was Regale. After reading in their blog about the new splash screen, I immediately knew that it was the theme for me. I wanted people to come to my web site and be greeted with a nice big slideshow of my favorite photos.

First addition I made to the theme was adding in a customized logo. I designed mine at Squarespace Logo. It was great for a nice simple design that was attractive. I then added it to the theme custom settings and added some custom CSS to make sure the logo fit and was aligned correctly. Next up was the font. I installed the Koken Font Loader Plug-in which makes it easy to install Google Fonts. I searched around and found Lato. Easily plugged it into the Font Loader Plug-in and now it was on my site. In order to make all text on my site in Lato, I added this custom CSS: "body{ font-family: Lato; font-weight: 300; }".

I also added some other nice custom CSS changes. On my albums page, I have the title of the album fade in and out and appear just on the bottom part of the image. I liked this since when hovering over images, I wanted most of the image to still be shown, but still be able to show the title overlayed on the image. On an album page, I added the album title to the top of the page and also added share buttons. Speaking of share buttons, I removed the text and added in share icons. I got some great free SVG icons from Picons. I then took those and edited them with a really cool online SVG editor called Method Draw

Other then that, plus the addition of Google Analytics and Disqus comments, most of the theme is stock. I feel its a great theme to showcase my work and am very happy with it. If anyone has any questions on how to edit Koken themes, or any CSS questions feel free to ask away in the comments below. I'll try my best to help out. Also if you have a Koken site, also feel free to share in the comments below. I would love to check out other peoples sites!

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