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Our Baby Girl

As a photographer, documenting our little girls journey into existence only seems natural. To start, was the photo above. Taken at Bentley University, we probably took about 90 photos in three different locations around campus. Yes, doesn't Oscar look amazing in his little scarf and how he is looking perfectly at the camera. Well that doesn't happen in one take. But I will give him credit, he does do a great job at looking at the camera. I think the beeping from the remote shutter helps him look in the general direction.

We got the idea for this photo by doing what most people do nowadays, looking on Pinterest. We did a quick search for "gender reveal announcement" and found some really nice photos. We really liked the way that people were doing just the feet with the new baby's shoes to be. Most of them involving dogs only had the dogs feet, but we really wanted Oscar to be the center of the photo. We walked around campus and took some photos on the stairs heading up to the library. Those came out OK, but the winner was a brick wall on one of the buildings just before the stairs. With the day being overcast and having such soft light, the color of the brick really popped. Also the lines on the ground with the brick pattern just worked perfectly.

    The setup was:
  • Ravelli APGL4 70" Tripod
  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens (one of my favorite lenses)
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

  • Not sure if you can see, but i'm hiding the ML-L3 in my pocket on each take. I love that little remote shutter. Comes in so handy. After sorting through all the photos in Lightroom this was the best. We actually did a boy version too so that the day we found out the gender, we were ready to post it online and send to our family. We got such great responses toward the photo.

    As for the rest of our baby girl's journey, check out the Pregnancy album to see a week by week journal of my wife's baby bump!

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